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    GoneSmoke Personal is a revolutionary product; the first Personal Smoke Odor Eliminator specifically designed to remove smoke odor from your hair and clothes.


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    Unlike any other product on the market, BIG GoneSmoke® delivers powerful odor elimination in a dry, aerosol spray. It’s the best way to eliminate smoke and other tough odors from big areas. Spray BIG GoneSmoke® as often as needed for complete smoke odor removal and to freshen the whole area.


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    Now YOU can COMPLETELY eliminate smoke odor and other odors from the interiors of cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s, RV’s, 18-wheeler cabs, large work trucks, fleets, and more!


  • Frsh-n-UP Frsh-n-UP Hair & Clothes

    Want complete odor removal but don't want to carry GoneSmoke? Try Frsh-n-UP! Same award-winning formula in a new package!


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About GoneSmoke

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GoneSmoke Odor and Smoke Smell Eliminator

Smoke odor removal isn't an easy task...until now. GoneSmoke Smoke Odor Eliminator removes even the toughest smoke odor and other odors like food, pet, body and more. GoneSmoke is not a mask; it actually eliminates odor at the source. GoneSmoke permanently eliminates cigar, cigarette and tobacco odor, fire smoke odor, mold and mildew odor, food odors, feet odors-- even skunk odor -- from hair, clothes, car, home, office, RV, boots and shoes and more.

buy gonesmoke now roundAward-winning GoneSmoke Odor Eliminator fully encapsulates malodor molecules with advanced odor elimination technology. Designed to be safe to spray over hair and clothes, yet strong enough to eliminate even skunk odor, GoneSmoke is the best odor eliminator on the market. The dry formula makes it a perfect solution to remove odors from hair and the finest clothes without wetting or spotting. Try GoneSmoke today!

Where Can You Use GoneSmoke?

  • pet odor removalAnother GoneSmoke BEST KEPT SECRET? Pet areas! Spray pet beds, rugs, blankets and more. Just please don’t spray your pet! Though the GoneSmoke formula is safe, no fine mist spray should be aimed at or toward a pet as it could get into their eyes, nose and lungs.

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  • car smells badCars, trucks, vans, RV’s and more, that need that extra boost of odor control benefit most from using BIG GoneSmoke at least once per month or as needed. Though GoneSmoke eliminates odors on contact, some odors "hide in the corners of vehicles." Use BIG GoneSmoke to reach these odor areas.

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  • air conditioner smellGoneSmoke’s BEST KEPT SECRET to kill all odors throughout your home, office, hotel room, car and more: Lightly spray the Air Conditioning Intake Vent while the A/C is running…Because of GoneSmoke’s dry and unique formula, a light spray of the vent sends immediate freshness and odor elimination throughout.

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  • Get rid of smoke smellFor you Cigar Aficionados and those who enjoy a good pipe now and then, lingering smoke odors in your smoking rooms don’t stand a chance with BIG GoneSmoke. Keep it handy to immediately kill smoking odors…and eradicate the wife’s complaining…

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  • bathrooms smells freshenerWe say GoneSmoke isn’t an air freshener… Just don’t tell anyone in your bathroom because it does a darn good job of instantly neutralizing bathroom odors! GoneSmoke Personal Bullet works great, too, and tucks discreetly away. Keeping a can in the bathroom is also a great idea for quick sprays for your hair and clothing.

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  • remove closet odorsGive closets and shoes a freshen-up with BIG GoneSmoke at least once a month to remove stale clothing and shoe odors and delivering an immediate burst of freshness. Don’t be afraid to spray inside any stinky shoes! GoneSmoke is EXCELLENT for Sports Equipment and shoes!

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  • Remove Odor From BedsGoneSmoke’s uniquely dry formula enables you to spray even the finest linens* to freshen between washes. Spray entire mattress when changing sheets for deep down odor control. (*Always test on an inconspicuous area and follow directions on can.) Personal GoneSmoke is ideal for hotel rooms! Spray on bedding, AC vent, carpet and draperies.

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  • remove upholstery odorsLightly spray all upholstery, drapes, carpets and rugs with BIG GoneSmoke at least once a month to remove odors and freshen. Use throughout your kitchen (trash can area, inside empty cabinets) and home for complete freshness.

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Why Smell Like Smoke?

mad coupleIn today’s world, smelling like smoke can mean the loss of a job, relationship, respect and more. GoneSmoke gives confidence to smokers and relief to non-smokers. The fresh scent in GoneSmoke is phthalate-free and safe for any fabric.

Remove Smoke Odor

lady 10z spray bottomThe challenge of how to remove cigarette smoke odor has been an endless one until now. GoneSmoke Odor Eliminator removes smoke odor in hair, clothes, home and car. Never before has there been a product like GoneSmoke… a discreet, virtually dry aerosol that's safe for any fabric and hair and actually eliminates odors… it's not a mask.

Where Can I Buy GoneSmoke?

GoneSmoke Personal is available at many convenience stores, car washes  and cigar shops across the U.S. GoneSmoke Personal, GoneSmoke Auto Fogger and BIG GoneSmoke are also sold on shop.gonesmoke.com. Buy confidently! We are an approved Authorize.Net merchant and promise to protect your privacy. We will never share your information.

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